25 Images that Shaped a Year

It has been a very fun year. I have met so many great people and have been able to document so many memories for the people I have met. Incredibly thankful to each and every one of you, but I forced myself to pick my absolute favorite 25 images to recap the year. I wanted a mix of wedding and family images, so without further ado, we’ll get started.


I love this shot because of the light refelcting off the concrete below and stoic expressions of these twins.


#24 and 23

I love the emotional intensity of the left image and I love the warmth of the image to the right.



From Stacia and Nick’s wedding. I love the contrast of the black and white and the lines in this image. Great expressions from both of them really made the shot.



I captured this shot at Taylor and Ryan’s wedding and thought it was the most adorable thing I have ever seen.



The blue sky, the joy of a family at play. Love everything about it.



From my first ever bridal session, I received the greatest compliment from Ana on this frame. She said it was less of a picture than it was a piece of art that she was a part of.



From Jenn and Frank’s wedding. The excitement in the room as they were introduced was electric. This only captures a small fraction of that day.


Never be afraid to go full-nerd. It always works. Love this.


This was from a shoot I did for my friend Jeff as he recorded his new album. I like the combination of shadow and light, and the B&W really fits in this image.


The textures combined with the flowers and the romantic embrace really make this image pop.


The color and pose have a very warm, vintage feel. It seems especially authentic. I really love this one.



Sometimes wide-angle shots can convey a sense about a relationship that closeup shots cannot. In this, I just wanted to showcase the beautiful background and the idea of a couple deeply in love taking a stroll. Cheesy? Maybe :-)



The sweet expression, beautiful light and background make this one of my favorite child portraits ever.



Something about this image has always grabbed my attention. I just like it :-)





Love Becky’s laugh. Love the light flying in from the left. Love the B&W. This was taken with a 21mm lens, so it gave a new perspective for me, and I think it worked really well.


I love the soft colors combined with the intensity in her eyes. The basket was an added bonus. Sometimes the best pictures are made when the subject doesn’t want them to be made :-)


One of my favorites from my first sunrise engagement session. Warm light, fall colors, a beautiful couple. Perfect.



On this shoot, my goal was to get closer to my clients. I tend to rely on my 85mm 1.2L II lens, so I made a concious decision to shoot primarily with the 35. I was able to get right on top of them and capture this moment. In a few weeks I’ll be shooting their wedding in Mexico, and let’s just say, I’m fired up.



Attitude. This is priceless. Everything about it wins.


My favorite photographs are the ones that tell the story without the need for context. This is one of those.


From  a senior shoot with Rachael. This image was backlit by the sun, and she standing under an awning which bounced the light everywhere. The combination of warm, soft light and a great subject helped make a perfect image.


My sister-in law Katy. Her wedding was amazing, she is a beautful person, and anyone who knows her is lucky to have her in their life. This was my favorite from her day.


Drumroll please….

Mike and Maury in a parking garage.

I love everything about this.

Here’s to a great 2012. Thanks, friends!


Heather Henehan

These are amazing photos! This compilation of your year just further verifies the wonderful investment we are making in our big day. You are truly talented and I can’t wait to see what you do in 2012 (especially the 6th day in July!).



Thank you, Heather!

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