A Glimpse of Cambodia

The great Bobby Earle organizes a yearly trip to visit Cambodia. I was fortunate enough to get to go this year. I can’t really describe what this trip meant to me, except to say that it was humbling in every sense of the word. The beauty and kindness of the Cambodian people fills up your heart with so much appreciation you think it could burst. They have through been through horrific war for generations, but there is no bitterness. They are poor but they are joyful. There is peace in their eyes. All they have is each other. Their family. Their fishing village. Their community. My favorite photo, the one that I think best represents the Cambodian experience, is of the seamstress. This is a woman in the middle of her workday–sweating on the porch of her one room hut. But when I saw the soulfulness staring back at me as she looked up at the camera… I can’t begin to describe how intense that moment was. I’m very grateful for her and everyone who made this trip so incredible. Here are a few images of this beautiful place.

The photo below is of a musical where all the members are either disabled or missing limbs. Bobby said that it was somewhat rare that a monk would let you take his photo. So this next one means a lot to me. 
This photo below cost me a dollar. This was the only Pay to Play photo, and it was worth it. This photo below is a portrait of a man whose entire family was killed by the Khmer Rouge when he 9. He somehow fled and narrowly escaped death. He has been shot 12 times and pronounced dead six separate times. He has shrapnel throughout his body. He is blind in one eye and only has one leg. He now gives tours at the war museum. He is paid in donations.   A few our tuk-tuk drivers are below. Without them, our trip would not have been the same.  And finally, the great photographers that shared in this experience. So much talent. So many great people. Miss you already.


You have more incredible portraits from one week than I do of a decade of visits. So many of these are blowing my mind!

Rebecca Knechtel

Wow! Amazing photographs of strength, beauty, and mastery. Gorgeous, all of them.

Alison Roberts

These are beautiful, Kevin!

so real… i needed that.. now i’m completely inspired, thanks Kevin, love it!

Amy Ward

Kevin these are so beautiful! You are so talented. What an amazing experience!

Kevin… these are all such powerful images. I feel like I was shooting alongside you many times, but mine are so completely different. The intensity of your portraits, the texture of the skin, the processing, I am totally impressed. Such beautiful work. I miss it there. You are amazing.

Kim McBride

very powerful images of the hearts of the people! you are blessed with a wonderful gift.

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