Animal Paintings {The Story of Stacia and Nick’s Wedding Day}

S&N are supervisors at the Kansas City Zoo. They got married at the same place Tera and I did. My daughter loves the zoo like no other. Clearly it was wrriten in the stars that I should shoot their wedding, right?

So glad I did.  What a joy these two share.

Thank you, both.

What was your favorite part of the day?


Nick and I really enjoyed everything about our wedding.  However, we would have to say that the moment we first saw each other was amazing.  There really are no words to describe the emotion we felt at that moment.



 What was the most stressful part?


There were several stressful situations throughout our engagement. Our original wedding venue closed and failed to notify anyone… So, re-planning an already planned wedding was extremely stressful.  My flowers showed up the day of wedding completely wrong as well.  That was really stressful but luckily the florist had the correct flowers to us in more than enough time.



What was the funniest thing that happened?


I teased the Nick the whole time that he was going to put my ring on the wrong finger during the ceremony. But leave it to me, I put his ring on the wrong finger!  I was laughing so hard when it happened I didn’t know if I was going to be able to compose myself!


Another funny thing that happened that most people don’t know about was our vows.  Nick and I decided that we were not going to go with the standard vows.  It was up to each of us to write/select our own vows.  Well when it came to the exchanging of the vows Nick went first.


After the first couple of words I quickly figured out that Nick and I had selected the same vows!  Again I could not help myself and for a minute I kind of started laughing when he finished.  I am sure our guests had no idea what was going on!  I quickly whispered to Nick that we had picked the same vows and that I would revise mine a bit.   I guess it was a sign that we were truly meant for each other.




What details about your wedding did you incorporate to make it ‘your own’?


Making our wedding unique and personalized was one of our main goals from the get go.  I made his and her see through ring boxes that the flower girl and ring bearer carried down.  Nick and I are both Supervisors in the animal department so our favors were magnets painted by several different animals at the zoo.  We also had Beta fish for some of our table decorations that the guests could take home at the end of the evening along with a fish care kit.  Nick is Italian so in addition to a traditional wedding cake we had a gelato bar and an Italian cookie station.  Nick is a huge Cardinals fan and they just happened to be in the playoffs the day of our wedding.  So,  my garter had the St. Louis cardinals logo on it.


Our last Name is Pieroni so we did our toast with Peroni beer! The ceremony was probably the most personalized of the entire evening.  We did not want to have traditional songs so we hand selected all of the music from when the guest first started being seated to the song we walked out to.  They were all selections from some of our favorite artists including Pearl Jam, The Beatles, and Ben Harper.


Lastly, instead of having Ushers Nick greeted every guest and help seat them with our groomsmen.  It was a great opportunity to personally thank our guests for coming.



What advice would give to newly engaged couples planning a wedding?


It is quite easy to get caught up in the details of planning a wedding. Make it your own and don’t stress out over the little things.  Most importantly take time to enjoy your wedding as if you were a guest.  You want to enjoy the event you have out put your heart and soul into planning.  Trust me it goes by in a flash!



Honeymoon details?


Sandals Negril, Jamaica!

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