Katy and Marcus | Married on a Sunday in August

Katy and Marcus: What can I say? They are some of the closest people in our life. We love them. Katy is my wife’s sister and best friend, my daughter’s aunt, and just one of the most genuine people I have ever met. She married Marcus at Red Barn Farm. It stormed for awhile. Then it cleared up. It was beautiful. When I was on the fence about pursuing photography, I asked Katy and Marcus to pose for me so I could take some mock engagement pictures. We shot those in May 0f 2010 in Lee’s Summit. They were shot on a Canon Rebel with an 85mm 1.8. They were all edited in iPhoto. Little did I know, those fake engagement pictures would turn into a real engagement, a real wedding, and a moderately successful photography business. What’s funny, is that some of my ‘real’ clients have a longer duration from their engagement shoot to their wedding than Marcus and Katy did–even though they weren’t really engaged. Anyway, this is their wedding. I am honored to have shot it.  Katy is extremely creative, and she put lots of personal touches into this amazing day. This is their story:

Love you two!

What was your favorite part of the day?


My favorite part of the day was as soon as the rain cleared about 10 minutes before the ceremony started. The sun came out and brought along with it a cool breeze that made the weather for the rest of the evening so beautiful.

What was the most stressful part?


The most stressful part of the day was when I got a phone call at the hotel from my dad saying that it was pouring down rain at Red Barn Farm. We had to decide if we were going to wait it out, or move all the chairs for the ceremony inside the barn. Decorating the barn in the morning and realizing that the timeline Ashley and I prepared wasn’t working out was a close second :-).


What was the funniest thing that happened?

During the ceremony, there was a butterfly that landed on Marcus, and a few seconds later landed on me. We smiled at each other thinking it was almost symbolic that this beautiful butterfly landed on each of us, but apparently the pastor was distracted by it because he grabbed it off of my arm so fast, that it caught us by surprise.


 What details about your wedding did you incorporate to make it ‘your own’?

I wanted to add personal touches to as much of the wedding as I could, and one part I focused on was the “guest book”. I hung twine on the wall like a clothesline, and put clothespins all over it. I then had small sheets of different patterned scrapbook paper, and our guests wrote words of advice on the paper and hung it on the twine. It was very sweet.


 What advice would give to newly engaged couples planning a wedding?

The advice that I would give to newly engaged couples is very simple. Elope. :-)


 Honeymoon details?

We spent a week in Sarasota, Florida and went to Orlando to visit all the Disney theme parks for our honeymoon. We had a hotel room with a balcony that overlooked the ocean and it was so beautiful. Exactly the vacation we needed!

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Great Job! Love the colors!

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