Maury and Mike | Loose Mansion Wedding Photography

We live busy lives. All of us. Too much caffeine; too little sleep. Too many Five hour energys and not enough red wine nights. We get so comfortable with the frenetic pace of modern life that we feel guilty if we have nothing to do. As though periodic downtime was a reflection on our overall productivity.

We lose perspective. And amidst the rush, we take the ones we love the most for granted.

Trusting they will have our back.

That they understand the sacrifice because they, too, have been working under the same contract for so many years.

Because they do. And they have.

And then there are days like the one¬†you’ll get a glimpse into. Days that are so much bigger than any collection of images could convey.

These are the days that we live for. Moments that open our hearts and make us better people for having been a part of them. To see Mike and Maury’s relationship grow even stronger than it was the night before. To listen to Maury’s impromptu toast and understand how intensely important this group is to her. To see Mike watching her so proudly as she is speaking.

So many full hearts.

And there was Yoga. Hell yes. And thanks to DJ Ashton Martin, there was a hell of a party. He doesn’t play many weddings because he has no interest in the electric slide or the chicken dance. But if you are a bride that wants a party, look him up.

Big thanks to Matt Taylor who came along with me on this one.

The point is this, friends: Slow down. Savor this beautiful life a little more often.


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I’m so in love with these pics! Can’t wait till next oct.

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