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Recently, I received an email that simply asked for a rate sheet. This is fine, but it signals to me that the quality of wedding photography is not as important to them as a low price.

Luckily, in this market, there is an abundance of photographers with a diverse range of talent, style, and price points, so the consumer is in complete control, and is only constrained by their time dedicated to research.

And I know I have signed contracts because I was the “lowest of the three”. But, somewhere in my mind, I know this was intentional on my part. I was deliberately pricing myself s below competitors, because I wanted the business and was willing to take a lot less money for the thrill of the “signed contract.”It signaled to me that I was legitimate–even if it wasn’t much, I was getting paid to shoot weddings.

And so the plan was to price low, treat my clients really well, make them look their absolute best, and produce exciting images that are more innovative than what anyone else is putting out there. If all that happened, then I would be able to attract clients based on value rather than price. The couples that I now work with value what I provide for them, and they have the confidence that I am fully invested in their story, and am dedicated to telling it in the most authentic, heartfelt way possible.

And it’s a good place to be. To know that my clients choose my service based on my storytelling ability–and not just price. Now I am finally at a place where I don’t have to shoot weddings for indifferent couples. Now the only couples I want to shoot are those that expect and demand great images because they are madly in love and they understand there is only one shot to get this day right. And the idea that they trust me to deliver only motivates me to push myself even harder to exceed their expectations.

Invariably, supply and demand will take over and my creative fee will be significantly higher. There are simply too few Saturdays in June. But today is today and tomorrow is tomorrow. Every story has an arc.

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