The R Family

I have known Justin for a long time. We used to play baseball together. Well–I mean we used to play baseball near each other. See, he was actually good and played on teams that won. Teams with cool hats and custom uniforms. I played on the teams sponsored by Plastics companies. We played in trucker caps and had to share two batting helmets. I won the Most Improved Player trophy that year. But winning a trophy on that team is about as rewarding as getting recognized for perfect attendance in prison.

But I thought I would share this session because there is an interesting (to me) connection with this family and how I got started in photography. A few years ago, Justin and his family had pictures taken by anoother photographer. I was intrigued by the vibrancy and clarity of the images. I may have even seen only one image, but it was enough to send me down an endless path of photography-related research. I read about cameras, lenses, techniques, etc–and I found everything about it to be compelling. I wanted in. I wanted to try it.

This was a few months before I convinced my wife to let me buy a “nice” camera. (A Canon Rebel t2i). And it was a few months after that I finally charged someone.

But here we are now. Rockin and Rollin.

And just the idea that I was able to photograph the family in the photo that ignited the whole thing….

I think that’s about as good as it gets.

And I think this family is awesome.

Here we go:


Marty Parthemer

I have never seen any better pictures then these. Of course, the subjects are the cutest and neatest people that I know. Thanks for sharing them with us.

janet bee,am

What a beautiful family…

Lana Parthemer

What a beautiful family AND really beautiful pictures! All of their personalities came out wonderfully!

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